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Cancer is a human health problem with growing concerns in Europe. Today treatments available mainly rely on surgery, external beam radiation and chemotherapy to remove or destroy bulky tumours. However, they cannot permanently treat all cancer and relapse occurs in up to 50% of the patients’ population. New therapy with a different mode of actions and unlikely cross-resistance needs to be developed.

Improving drug delivery to cancer cells by developing targeted radiotherapy with alpha-emitting radionuclides could lead to new products and treatments.

TARCC is the first project co-funded by the European Commission under the FP7 to reinforce research on targeted radionuclides therapy (TRT) to combat cancer. TARCC brings together the major European scientists of 9 leading Institutions from 6 European countries. 

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fp7-gen-rgb.jpgTARCC contract n°Health-F2-2007-201962 is supported by funding under the Seventh Research Framework Programme of the European Commission.


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TARCC Workshop

TARCC broadcast

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TARCC Congress







 “Advances in targeted radionuclide therapy”

December 1st-2nd, 2010

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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EANM 10th Annual congress

October 9-13, 2010

Vienna, Austria

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